Bookbytes #1: Industries of the future – by Alec Ross

Everyone is curious to know what the future holds. It’s what the business model of entire companies are made of. In this book, Alec Ross seeks to prepare the present and future generation of workforce on what future jobs would be made of. Here is a list of bytes :
  1. Robots and humans will learn to co-exist and learn from each other
  2. Genetic code
  3. Code-ification of money, market and trust – bitcoins
  4. Cold war to code war
  5. Data, data everywhere
  6. Geography of future markets
  7. Frontier markets
  8. Preparing children for the 2050 job market
Key areas of world growth
  1. Big Data
  2. Cyber-security
  3. Digital commerce
  4. Genomics
  5. Robotics’
Recommended : Shelf this book and read whenever you have a crisis on whether what you are doing will be relevant to tomorrow’s economy.
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