Tradition or Relevance ?

Society: I think it’s time for some change

Brahmins: I agree. Tell me. We will change our ways of living

S: I know y’all can’t cross seas. But we’re going abroad to work

B: It’s cool. We will adapt. We will come too, in fact, we will come there and build temples and eat pizza

S: There are these new technological products to help enhance the kitchen. Fridges, grinders, ovens and so forth

B: I will take them all

S: And about clothing. These suits from the west..

B: I will take them all, sleeveless is okay – its hot these days.. global warming you know!

S: And the internet, smartphones, virtual reality

B: Already have it. Just updated my phone, my son-in-law’s cousin’s friend works in Microsoft. I got this.

S: And about those new age jobs, working from home, internet economy!

B: Already on it, social drinking with colleagues also okay – you have to build network to get job at Google no?

S. Round the clock electricity, air conditioning, movies, adventure sports, WhatsApp rumours

B: Do you even have to ask? I am also youngster, I will also trek.

S: My NRI cousin is marrying a White American. What do you feel about that?

B: She was brought up in western culture no? As long as we have a brahmin wedding , we are okay. We can have extra Church wedding if you want!

S: I guess they’re all done. Now about those thousands of priest positions. We were going to employ Dalits for 6 of them – they can learn vedas and we can give them employment. And we need to talk about intercaste marriage too.

B: WTF. Is there no room for traditions? Why do you have to oppress us like this? Why are you snatching away our way of life? This is a direct attack on our way of life and we will have none of it. There’s no justice in this world! I will post about you on facebook in my caste groups. Liberalism is a disease in India. Where’s the line? Where are our ways of living! Guruji! Oh lord. The world has finally come to this! what will you ask for next? Non veg eating tenants? What will my NRI uncles think about us. Oh kalyug has come! The world is doomed!

Note: Based on a true incident.

In a world where everything is changing all too quickly, do we want to get stuck in an archaic past or lend ourselves relevant to modern times?


Poem to my future parent self

Dear 40 year old swetha,
Remember how your parents brought you up with all affection,
And paraded you like a trophy when you brought them pride,
But abandoned you the minute your wishes were slightly different from theirs,
And left you all alone without a second thought, to lead life in a stride.
Do not that to your children.
Give them wings so they can fly,
But don’t chide them when they soar too high
Welcome them when they come back to the ground,
But don’t be surprised with the grown-ups they have become.
For now they have a life of their own ,
In a world so different from your own,
The world that looks so anew from up above,
So many beautiful learnings from the varied grounds below.
Let them land on any ground they find best,
Cherish them while they make their newfound home their nest.
They may have gone far ,
but they definitely want you to stay close to their hearts.
Don’t be those parents who will let their kids be anything,
Other than themselves.
Help them identify who they want to become
But don’t estrange them if their life tune has a different hum
For life is tough and they need you now more than ever,
Even more than in those days of carefree childhood,
Adulthood is a wonderful yet scary place,
And sometimes all they need is a tight embrace.
Say everything is going to be alright,
For no one knows the future ahead right,
Don’t ever say you know more because of experience or age,
For you should know exposure has a far different gauge
For once they have seen the world up close ,
Embrace their perspective and cherish them for it ,
For they will tell you tales of life far beyond
Of people so unique, yet no different from you
Be it success or failure , let them make it their own.
But be there by their side always,
And encourage them when life gets them down.
For late conversations, insignificant rants or even just a silent moment.
Be a Best Friend above all,
Who doesn’t judge them for they are,
And who’s always there,
Be it spring or fall.


Economist Bytes – May 6th week

  1. Data economy demands right antitrust laws
    • In a world, where data is the oil of the digital era, antitrust laws have to be upgraded so that few giants like Apple, Fb, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, which collectively earned 25bn$ in profit in 2017 Q1, don’t dominate the industry and stifle competition.
    • 1st way – Previously laws were made keeping size of the company in mind. But now the extent of the firm’s data assets should be considered as well. The purchase price(for example fb buying whatsapp for 19bn$ which had no revenue) of an incumbent buying a nascent threat should raise red flags.
    • 2nd way – Sharing of data accessible by third parties, transparency in how much data the firm holds and how much revenue they are making from it should be considered.
    • Flipside – Privacy may be at risk with increased sharing.
    • Either way, Governments should act soon if they dont want data economy to be dominated by a few giants.
  2. Synthetic Biology or cell-free biology
    • A new approach to benefit from nature with out the hassle of life
    • Protiens are constructed in labs, some think its like “playing God” but consider the 3 benefits of it
      • Its efficient (by only producing whats needed), Insulin used to be harvested from pig carcasses, now its being produced in vats by genetically modified yeast or bacteria. The natural bacteria use valuable nutrients to produce a host of other proteins for survival besides insulin, which is of no use to humans. But now , more of those nutrients can be used to make insulin synthetically
      • Living creatures are inherently fragile with the possibility of falling ill,
      • Live stock farming could be reduced giving way to growing more food.
      • Animals suffer, synthetic biology is a better alternative
  3. Saudi women – a captive market for Uber and Careem
    • Women are barred from driving in Saudi Arabia with non-existent public transport
    • They no longer need to rely on husbands, brothers or fathers to get around their own city
    • Local male participation in the gig economy improves, more women can get out and go to work or run their business
    • In fact, the ride sharing companies are directly backed by government, indirectly allowing women to be in company of strangers, which makes conservatives uncomfortable

Other interesting articles

  1. New contraceptive in Africa to be used by women that protects from HIV and pregancy
  2. Financial crisis – it’s been 10 years. How do the banks feel in the wake of Trump administration? Can banks retain millenials at work place?

Jul’16 – Bare beauty of Ladakh and Pangong

Ever since I saw 3 idiots, I wanted to go to Ladakh. It seemed like one of those isolated destinations where you can be anyone you want to be – just like Aamir Khan who is a teacher cum scientist indulging in innovative experiments. 7 years later, I found the best travel companions to go on this trip and the planning began with

Singapore -> Delhi 6 hour flight + 6 hour stay in airport + 2 hour flight from Delhi -> Leh later, we found ourselves in the midst of this barren beauty.

Day 1 – Leh 

Our lovely hotel

View from the hotel –

Acclimitisation to low oxygen by napping and evening bazaar shopping nearby –

Day 2 – Ladakh Hall of fame, Spituk Gompa, Magnetic Hill, Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Confluence of Zanskar and Indus rivers, Thiksey Gompa, Shey Palace

Day 3 – Khardungla Pass, Nubra valley, tallest Buddha

Day 4 – Leh Palace, Pangong Lake

Day 5 – Pangong Lake -> Leh

Tents we stayed in overnight


Sunrise at Pangong Lake

Day 5 – Leh -> Delhi

Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully, gives you an itinerary in case you are planning to go there. Please do send your questions or comments my way 🙂

And hope you make beautiful memories like I did !

For the love of travel

I read this somewhere and it perfecly captures why I love escaping reality every once a while –

I urge you to travel
As far and as much as possible
Work ridiculours shifts to save your money
Go without the latest iphone
Throw yourself out of your comfort zone
Find out how other people live
And realize the world is a much bigger
place than the town you live in.
And when you come home,
Home may still be the same
&yes, you may go back to the same old job,
But something in your mind would have shifted
And trust me,
That changes everything.

May’17 – Xin chao from Vietnam!

With bright sun in the sky, and wanderlust on our feet, we embarked on a week-long getaway to Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay on April 30th 2017. We had a lovely trip, trekking in the mountains, cruising on the sea, baywatching on the beach and walking in the bustling metropolis of Hanoi.

This post will be a photo diary of our wanderings and musings, of food, culture and adventure.

Day 1 – Hanoi -> Sapa

We reached airport and treated ourselves to some banh mi – a traditional Vietnamese sub. Using Google translate and some sign language , we managed to explain we wanted vegetarian – its ‘Chay’ for future reference! It tasted good but not filling enough. So we indulged in some Cajun fries from nearby popeyes:P Then we booked an uber (very convenient especially in a city where regular taxis are super overpriced) to the city .

We gazed out of the window like little kids and admitted that this place is just like Bangalore except for the yellow skin (not racist, Viets take it as a compliment :)) and sleek mopeds everywhere!

We reached the city center of old quarter in about an hour and decided to chill in a Harry Potter themed cafe called Always cafe (After Snape’s famous word of course) !

Harry Potter books in Vietnamese , vintage decor with old Hogwarts house capes and daily prophet posters adorning the walls , it was a quirky humble Cafe in a city of cafes (apparently people tend to gather more in cafes than in houses in Hanoi) . We treated ourselves to some polyjuice potion (which tasted sweet unlike the book) and I caved in  and bought a Deathly hallow chain! 🙂

We roamed the streets with heavy backpacks and went to Mam restaurant for dinner . A posh place where they understoood we eat ‘Chay’ and served us some Super fried spring rolls and half -boiled vegetables and rice. We were amused by the bland portions but ate anyway heartily !

We went to the train station to catch the overnight Orient express to Lao Cai – a foothill village ! It was a lovely train ride and we slept peacefully – tired and happy !

Day 2 – Sapa

We took the early morning mini bus up the foggy beautiful mountain to Sapa and checked into homey ‘Charming Sapa’ hotel. We had two furry friends greet us in to the hotel 🙂

After a sumptuous breakfast of chocolate pancakes , cinnamon tea and omelette , we set off to ur first destination – cable car and funicular ride + trek to Fansipan summit at a height of over 3000m . Green paddy field views, tall majestic mountain views in the world’s longest cable car (6 km) was well worth the hype , although a tad expensive !

Onbaord the cable car :

Once we reached the Fanspian station, a breeze of cold wind wafted through the air while vendor stalls sold some hot snacks – we felt peckish, so we munched a cake, bought a fridge magnet souvenier, and proceeded on the long climb to the summit. While we climbed, the fog gave way to sunshine and temples – and I felt like a character right out of an Orient novel.


We reached the summit at 3143 m height. Previously the summit took 3 days by well-trained trekkers. With the cable car opening in 2016, technology has once again played facade to an once-upon-a-time struggle.

The downward climb was peaceful in the late morning breeze and we made our way to have some yummy lunch at Muong Hoa Street.  We found this amazing Vegetarian Vietnamese hot pot place with tofu, veggies and noodles. After an hour of cooking and eating the delicious meal, we went back to the hotel for a siesta.

In the evening, we walked through the Sapa town. As Bill bryson put it, “I could spend my life arriving each evening in a new city. The food is excellent. The beer is cold. The sun nearly always shines. There is coffee on every corner. Life doesn’t get much better than this.”

Sapa is said to be a city of 4 seasons in a day – spring in the morning, summer in the noon, fall evening with slight fog and wintry cool nights.

The Sapa lake next to out hotel with duck pedal rides and Sapa Street shopping :


The sweet girl who convinced us to buy her embroidered bags (they are super cute!) :

Vietnam’s infamous egg coffee (Milk was scarce back then and they substituted with egg). Pro tip : Mix it well before you have it!

After an Italian dinner (I was craving pizza!), we took a nice walk by the serene lake and lit up trees.

Day 3 – Sapa “Easy trek” -> Sapa Villages -> Train to Hanoi

The nex morning saw us doing some hard-core trekking of 15 km for nearly 6 hours. It was a tiring but memorable day. We walked down Muong Hoa valley to Y Linh Ho village to Lao Chai villages past paddy fields, village schools, tranquil bamboo trees, local shops and lovely streams all while appreciating the simplicity of a village life.

The humble Sapa villagers helped us trek and made sure the climbs up and down were safe and enjoyable. They do this everyday carrying their babies at the backs. One can’t help but admire their tenacity and willpower. It’s their way of life, not in the romanticised and glamourous sense, but in the more banal notion. We thanked them for letting us be a part of their lives for half a day.

One of the village woman made this pretty heart strung out of leaves and love for me :

We had a simple filling lunch by this stream :

We came back in the evening and took the night Orient Express train back to Hanoi, after relishing some garlic french fries.

Day 4 – Hanoi -> Ha Long Bay Cruise

We reached Hanoi early in the morning and we walked by Hoan Kiem lake and Hanoi Temple of literature while we saw people do Tai Chi and play badminton. I love watching cities wake up and go into their normal routines – it gives a new perspective to life!

We had a lovely albiet, slow breakfast at a coffee shop called lotus blanc at a very “Indira-Nagar”ish area( Bangloreans know this!). We praised the waiter for the food and he apologised profusely to us –  we were amused that language differences are at play again! We thanked again and left before he could respond 😛

We boarded the bus to Ha Long bay V’spirit cruise at 10 am, championed by our sincere English speaking  Vietnamese tour guide- Jimmy. He passionately narrated Vietnam culture and history throughout the 4 hour journey and taught us Vietnamese sentences like Xin Chao (Hello)! I forgot the rest 😦 sigh! 

We made a pit stop at a Disabled Artist Center – where people affected by Agent Orange during the war inspired us by the creativity and strength. We bought this beautiful piece of art made by a lovely lady as a token of respect and support :



We reached the lovely cruise spot and boarded our vintage-styled cruise at noon :

This was our iternary for the 2 days aboard the cruise. A deeply rejunevating cruise it was!

There were around 12 people on the cruise – including some entitled NZ children !).Being the only 2 vegetarians on board, we were treated to some unexpectedly delicious food privately catered to us!

It was a dream – turquoise waters all around, vintage styled dining, emerald limestones standing tall as guardians and heart warming delicious food on a wednesday afternoon!


After sunbathing atop the cruise bay area, the cruise stopped near Titop island. The arduous climb to the top was so worth the beautiful view :

Chilling on Titop beach while pondering about life and watching beach volleyball :

We returned to the cruise, watched the sunset, played some wooden block puzzle games with our new friends on the boat, did some squid fishing, ate a sumptuous dinner and retired for the night.

View from our room :

Day 5 – Ha Long Bay Cruise -> Hanoi

Caves,  Cooking Spring Rolls and So long to Ha Long , Xin Chao to Hanoi again!

Ha Long was under the sea years ago and the bumps on the celing represent the crests and troughs of the waves. Each rock represents an animal (its all the imagination :))

There were even rocks representing heart and male genitalia (apparently to attract women to the caves :P)


We checked into our “Graceful Hotel” with once-again courteous royal service from staff, and walked down the streets of Hanoi. We had a delious Veggie Banh mi (Vietnamese sub) at a local Banh Mi 25 ( a must try). It cost less than a dollar but the taste was oh-so-good!

We walked down the streets, haggled and bought some chilling elephant pants. The street shops were so colourful and bright – it was like being in a carnival! In the spirit of trying out everything, We decided to try a posh European restaurant recommended by a friend – Green Tangerine. It turned out to be very high-end and we pretended to be British for some funny reason. Anyway, as with all high-end restaurants , the food portions were limited and the plates were huge and we walked out feeling broke and hungry! So we bought a huge chocolate milkshake and everything was alright with the world again 🙂

We decided to catch the famous water puppet, a one-of-a-kind show which has been happening for the past several years (kind of like an Asian Broadway show). The dialogues were in Vietnamese but some parts were understandable and funny. The production, stage setting and music were truly different and worth seeing.

We were super tired after this, caught an uber ( yay no more haggling !) back to the hotel and feel into a deep sleep.

Day 6 – Hanoi Museums, Cafe Mai, Hanoi -> Singapore

We got early morning next day to check out Cafe Mai( Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee in the world!), bought some strong coffee and checked out the local museums like Vietnamese History museum. They were interesting but sadly they didn’t have many exhibits regarding the latest history (Vietnam War with America). So we ended up reading Wikipedia inside the museum 😛

Man’s evolution – it cracked me up for no reason :

After this, it was time to go to the airport and bid adieu to Hanoi, Sapa and Ha long where the confluece of buzzling city life, simple village mountain life and serene ocean life brought us peace and joy for 7 glorious days.

I will be back Vietnam! Thanks for all the fish 🙂

P.S Hope you enjoyed the post! Do message me if you need restaurant/site recommendations.

Spring Goan Beaches!

Goa has traditionally been the Indian honeymoon or bachelor party destination. However when we decided to book a trip to Goa, it was mostly to get away from the Bangalore madness and relish the sound of beach waves while lying on a hammock and sip a drink from a shack.

And that’s how exactly the trip was – jello relaxing with unexpectedly delicious food options while immersing in the Goan culture with Portuguese colonial influences. We simply loved our time here!

Here’s a photo diary of some lovely memories :

Day 1 – Goa airport to our Calangute hotel Epitacio’s. Lunch in a Indochinese restaurant. We went jaunting to the Calangute beach which was a street away, had a pleasant evening walk by the beach, watched some beach football and had a lovely candlelight dinner by the sea.

Day 2 – Old Goa exploration, Beach boat ride and feasting on some traditional dishes

We visited Basilisca of Bom Jesus, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and considered to be one of the best examples of ‘Baroque architecture’ and holds the mortal remains of St Francis Xavier. We also visited the art gallery and the museum opposite it – it had some interesting tidbits about the Portguese colonial period.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, Goa. It was closed at noon. So we took a walk around it and had some lunch and did some street shopping.

We went on a rocky boat ride while seeing Fort Aguada, lighthouse and some beautiful hill scenary. Some good old beach posing after the boat ride :

At night, we went to a funky south indian restaurant which had Kerala, Malabar, Tamil and Kannada cuisine. There were dishes which mixed the cuisines – so there were some unique flavours. We were treated like Royals and the service was par excellence. Note the famed Rajni Dosa in the menu – do try it!


Day 3 :  Heavenly lunch, Midday beach tanning 

Yummy lunch at a cosy setting next to the hotel (The Culture Kitchen) – Carrot Halwa(the most melting one i have had by far), Melon curry (my mouth waters when i think of it) and the traditional Goan Baklava dessert with icecream. We were in heaven at the end of that meal!



We returned to the beach, rented beach beds and pondered about life over Pina colada and chocolate milkshake. There were a lot of foreigners who got some soothing oil massages from Goan masseuses.

Late afternoon, we reached the airport as two well-rested happy souls, and this mug totally captured the moment 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post, do message me if you need travel advice on Goa!

Bookbytes #1: Industries of the future – by Alec Ross

Everyone is curious to know what the future holds. It’s what the business model of entire companies are made of. In this book, Alec Ross seeks to prepare the present and future generation of workforce on what future jobs would be made of. Here is a list of bytes :
  1. Robots and humans will learn to co-exist and learn from each other
  2. Genetic code
  3. Code-ification of money, market and trust – bitcoins
  4. Cold war to code war
  5. Data, data everywhere
  6. Geography of future markets
  7. Frontier markets
  8. Preparing children for the 2050 job market
Key areas of world growth
  1. Big Data
  2. Cyber-security
  3. Digital commerce
  4. Genomics
  5. Robotics’
Recommended : Shelf this book and read whenever you have a crisis on whether what you are doing will be relevant to tomorrow’s economy.
Read further : Key points from the book wonderfully highlighted by

Focusing on what I can control…

What would happen –

if we chose to:

Get better at setting and honoring deadlines

Help one more person, each day

Sit in the front row

Ask a hard question every time we go to a meeting

Give more and take less

Learn to master a new tool

Ask why

All of these are choices, choices that require no one to choose us or give us permission.

Every time I find myself wishing for an external event, I realize that I’m way better off focusing on something I can control instead.

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