I used to blog before :

Teen years – http://athewsonathoughtfulquest.blogspot.sg/

University years – http://swethanarayan.blogspot.sg/

This is the blog for the life of young adult Swe. Here, I shall try to capture the “flanerie” or “carpe diem” moments of my life – for posterity and the good-humored laugh that comes with the nostalgia of me in the avant-garde of ages – the 20s!

I hope to capture my travels, my thoughts on books and entertainment, my career and life’s many learnings and experiences in this long-form content blogging (as opposed to the occasional rants on social media).

While not busy with tech, work or catching up with myriad events happening in the world, I like to indulge in travel, cooking, books, movies, music, piano, cycling, yoga, art and crafts and the many many potential hobbies on my endless to-do list.

Guiding life principle in this hectic journey of adulthood :

Food helps best, so does travel. Life is an influx of the two best combined with music and love under the desert stars 🙂

Some quirky facts for anyone who has read this far (Thanks Reader!):

  1. I hate mornings, but I love breakfast. Buy me coffee and omelette and I am all yours!
  2. I am a Truthist. I am not athiest/agnostic. Yes, there’s a difference.
  3. I don’t believe in religion, but I love mythology and festivity. My fav – White Christmas, of course!
  4. I have 30 odd role-models at the moment. The people I hold in the highest regard are the grownups in my life—and their ages completely vary.
  5. I have been told that I am an unrealistic dreamer. I would like to think I am the greater fool.

And “That the powerful play goes on, and I may contribute a verse..”