Spring Goan Beaches!

Goa has traditionally been the Indian honeymoon or bachelor party destination. However when we decided to book a trip to Goa, it was mostly to get away from the Bangalore madness and relish the sound of beach waves while lying on a hammock and sip a drink from a shack.

And that’s how exactly the trip was – jello relaxing with unexpectedly delicious food options while immersing in the Goan culture with Portuguese colonial influences. We simply loved our time here!

Here’s a photo diary of some lovely memories :

Day 1 – Goa airport to our Calangute hotel Epitacio’s. Lunch in a Indochinese restaurant. We went jaunting to the Calangute beach which was a street away, had a pleasant evening walk by the beach, watched some beach football and had a lovely candlelight dinner by the sea.

Day 2 – Old Goa exploration, Beach boat ride and feasting on some traditional dishes

We visited Basilisca of Bom Jesus, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and considered to be one of the best examples of ‘Baroque architecture’ and holds the mortal remains of St Francis Xavier. We also visited the art gallery and the museum opposite it – it had some interesting tidbits about the Portguese colonial period.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, Goa. It was closed at noon. So we took a walk around it and had some lunch and did some street shopping.

We went on a rocky boat ride while seeing Fort Aguada, lighthouse and some beautiful hill scenary. Some good old beach posing after the boat ride :

At night, we went to a funky south indian restaurant which had Kerala, Malabar, Tamil and Kannada cuisine. There were dishes which mixed the cuisines – so there were some unique flavours. We were treated like Royals and the service was par excellence. Note the famed Rajni Dosa in the menu – do try it!


Day 3 :  Heavenly lunch, Midday beach tanning 

Yummy lunch at a cosy setting next to the hotel (The Culture Kitchen) – Carrot Halwa(the most melting one i have had by far), Melon curry (my mouth waters when i think of it) and the traditional Goan Baklava dessert with icecream. We were in heaven at the end of that meal!



We returned to the beach, rented beach beds and pondered about life over Pina colada and chocolate milkshake. There were a lot of foreigners who got some soothing oil massages from Goan masseuses.

Late afternoon, we reached the airport as two well-rested happy souls, and this mug totally captured the moment 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post, do message me if you need travel advice on Goa!


Bookbytes #1: Industries of the future – by Alec Ross

Everyone is curious to know what the future holds. It’s what the business model of entire companies are made of. In this book, Alec Ross seeks to prepare the present and future generation of workforce on what future jobs would be made of. Here is a list of bytes :
  1. Robots and humans will learn to co-exist and learn from each other
  2. Genetic code
  3. Code-ification of money, market and trust – bitcoins
  4. Cold war to code war
  5. Data, data everywhere
  6. Geography of future markets
  7. Frontier markets
  8. Preparing children for the 2050 job market
Key areas of world growth
  1. Big Data
  2. Cyber-security
  3. Digital commerce
  4. Genomics
  5. Robotics’
Recommended : Shelf this book and read whenever you have a crisis on whether what you are doing will be relevant to tomorrow’s economy.
Read further : Key points from the book wonderfully highlighted by https://www.jjude.com/future-industries/