I’m sorry, but can you repeat that again?

Can you say “I don’t know” about all sorts of stuff to anyone anymore?

Especially in a world where you can google for the right answer in a fleeting moment?

How can we ever cultivate the humility of admitting, that in the zillions of data surrounding you, it’s okay if  you are not aware of a tiny speck of it?

Yet we , including myself, sometimes nod along even if we don’t completely understand.

The billion dollar question – What if I sound stupid?

And that’s when I mentally remind myself about this brilliant wait-but-why post on taming our inner mammoth – which so cares so deeply about what would people think?

Touche! Yes, It’s easier said than done.

In the beginning of my foray into the GS world, I asked a ton of “I don’t know” questions mainly capitalizing on the benefit of being new. Now armed with 2.5 years of “experience”, I am supposed to be fairly knowledgable. But I still don’t know 90% of the banking-tech world completely.

So , I have decided that I will continue asking why until I am old. How old? That’s a rhetoric question because I have decided that I will be young until I die. Youth is not an age – it’s an attitude.

But there are two rules –

1) “You shall never ask the same question twice.”

2) “You can’t ever reach perfection, but you can believe in an asymptote toward which you are ceaselessly striving.” 


Author: Swetha

Food helps best, So does travel. Life is an influx of two, Best combined with music and love under the desert stars.

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